Immigration ‘Reform’: Dead?

It looks like immigration "reform" is dead in this session of Congress, according to the Associated Press. Only 45 votes out of a needed 60 in the Senate could be rounded up to end debate and schedule a final vote on the supposed "grand compromise" between President Bush and Senate leaders.

It has unraveled like a cheap piece of clothing. "You start pulling (a loose thread) and the sleeve comes off," Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-S.D.) observed to The Washington Post.

To some immigrant advocates, this is a relief. The bill was not even the proverbial half a loaf of bread for immigrants — more like, "two slabs of bread and a whack on the head," if that.

A consensus on what to do has not developed in either political party — among liberals or conservatives, business, labor, or in the immigrant community. They all remain deeply divided. In the base of the Republican Party, many oppose "amnesty" — letting the 12 million undocumented immigrants here now pay fines, back taxes, and win a path to citizenship, albeit a lengthy one. But as Senator John McCain points out, the status quo is "silent amnesty." To deport 12 million people is unfeasible and impractical.

In the base of the Democratic Party, many oppose guest worker programs that, they believe, drive down wages for American citizens and leave temporary or guest workers with few rights, but as the San Francisco Chronicle has pointed out, "Guest workers have a long history in U.S.: Temporary workers become source of permanent labor force." It is politically unfeasible and impractical to eliminate all guest worker programs in favor of a path to citizenship for all of these workers. A Washington Post piece, "Joined at the Claw: Fates of Maryland Crabbers, Guest Workers Intertwined" described how seasonal workers keep a Maryland crab farmer in business, and how difficult the life is for the seasonal workers. "Be Our Guest," an editorial in the generally liberal New Yorker advocates in favor of guest worker programs.

And yet the Los Angeles Times makes legitimate points in its editorial, "A Raw Deal for Guest Workers: Political Pressures Have Produced a Proposed Guest Worker Program that is Neither Practical Nor Fair." And the Associated Press, focusing on farm workers in Florida, points out that "Temporary Farm Workers Feel Cheated By Contractors Under Guest Worker Program."


  1. John Walsh

    June 28, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    This immigration Bill was a disaster. What example will the US give to the lawbreakers that came to the US with out a visa or permit to come, with out invitation and then that would give them rights, and on the other hand, capping the rights of a US citizen to bring their parents to live with him , stating that a parent is not a “First Preference” , was a nonsense unrespectful statement.
    How some one who wants to be the ruler of the first democracy of the world can support a bill that tears apart the parent right to live wiht their sons or daughters. Why a parent of a US Citizen will be diminished. That was the worst part of this nonsense bill that finally went to the garbage, the place where it belongs.
    Bush was defeated. I am sorry for that, but was his mistake, one more.

  2. Sean

    February 3, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    Civil Society Helps (civilsocietyhelps.org) helps perpetuate fraud against U.S. citizens. The courts in Minnesota are ill equipped and uninformed about the immigration fraud these kinds of groups promote. See http://www.marthasullivanlaw.com to learn about a common immigration fraud tactic.

    With false accusations from an immigrant residency seeker and the help of VAWA laws, a stable American citizen can be reduced to living in poverty. All of your assets can be seized and given to the immigrant residency seeker even if you are not found guilty. You will immediately be forced to surrender a portion of your income to the immigrant residency seeker. The courts will order you to turn your motor vehicle over to the immigrant residency seeker even if the car is in your name and the residency seeker does not have a drivers license. Your illegal immigrant spouse becomes legal and you become illegal. The court system will abuse you and strip you of your rights while social programs that promote immigration fraud thrive.

  3. Civil Society Helps

    February 10, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    Trapped in a relationship while seeking U.S. residency? VAWA can be your ticket to a greencard. Your spouse doesn’t necessarily need to be abusive for you to secure your greencard.

    1. Scratch or bruise yourself.
    2. Call 911
    3. When the police arrive accuse ( lie if you must ) your spouse of abuse.
    4. File a VAWA self petition for U.S. residency.
    5. Recieve your greencard in less than a year!

    Contact us for help. The devil is in the details, but we can help you secure U.S. residency under VAWA without your abusive spouse’s assistance. Plan carefully and contact and immigration advocacy group before executing your plan for freedom.

    Civil Society Helps

  4. Green Card

    September 8, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    From a humanitarian perspective, our fellow human beings, who migrate to support their families, continue to suffer at the hands of immigration policies that separate them from family members and drive them into remote parts of the American desert, sometimes to their deaths. This suffering should not continue.

    Now is the time to address this pressing humanitarian issue which affects so many lives and undermines basic human dignity. Our society should no longer tolerate a status quo that perpetuates a permanent underclass of persons and benefits from their labor without offering them legal protections.

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