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Saluting Nonprofits

OMB Watch just released a report “How Nonprofits Helped America Vote: 2006 [1] ”, which describes how 501c3 organizations have been

fighting for our democracy on three fronts:

  1. Defending voters’ rights, especially those of low-income, disabled and minority voters, against unscrupulous attempts to disenfranchise them
  2. Protecting the integrity of our elections
  3. Proactively working to expand and educate the electorate

Here’s a salute to some of the nonprofit organizations in North Carolina and their staff members who worked diligently throughout this legislative session to protect and promote our democracy:

Common Cause NC [2]

Democracy North Carolina [3]

NC Center for Voter Education [4]

NC Coalition for Lobbying Reform [5]

Thanks to their efforts, citizens will now benefit from same day voter registration, public campaign financing for 3 statewide offices and open ethics hearings.