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More political shenanigans from the coast

As a resident of the Cape Fear area, seems nothing can surprise.  Assemblyman in jail, sheriff indicted, ABC board buying real estate with public funds without any public disclosure or oversight, rampant municipally approved building in "protected" wetlands areas.  But a TV spot last night beat all as far as I'm concerned.

I've supported Julia Boseman and have voted for her. I think she's an effective voice in Raleigh for our area and the state as a whole, sensitive to concerns of both Old and New Wilmington.  Shucks, her people even wrote me a letter when there was an article about my business in the paper.   My feeling has always been that people's lives are their business, and they should be entitled to live those lives as they desire as long as they don't impact negatively or injure others in the process. But, if you decide to enter the public arena through government employment on politics on any level, then your conduct immediately goes under scrutiny that has to be at least acknowledged.

As most of you know, some untoward disclosures about Ms. Boseman have come to light in recent weeks.   A foreclosure on a jointly owned property, admission of pot smoking in the recent past, custody fights over an adopted son with a previous partner, even a disclosed public "lip lock" at a very public NASCAR event. 

Ms. Boseman is currently airing a thirty second tv spot where she implies much of the impetus for her recent bad PR stems from her fighting for what's right for her son, just as you or I would.  In addition, the commercial has the unique feel of slick production values only attainable with financial resources from outside the Cape Fear area.  Mere words can't express the depth of my disappointment for her lack of class, culpability, or even sense of what is really happening.

I consider myself to be pretty "alternate lifestyle tolerant", but I can't stomach a progressively minded politician falling into the same muck that makes most other elected officials so unsavory.  Get your life together, pay your bills, but don't wave the flag of family values as a crass attempt to regain public support.  I never felt Julia would loose my vote, but I'm feeling pretty disappointed in one elected official that I thought had some good ideas and was effective in carrying them out.