MSNBC host calls out N.C. congressman

Well, the humiliation being endured by Robin Hayes for his, uh hum, misstatement about what he said to warm up the crowd the other day for Sarah Palin is pretty complete. Still, leave it to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann to get down to brass tacks. Here’s how Olbermann put it on tonight’s “Countdown” show:

So Congressman Hayes, how does it feel to be revealed to the nation as a total, unequivocal, indisputable, bald-faced liar?

You can watch the whole video and hear Hayes’ offensive remarks by clicking below


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  1. Barbara Green

    October 23, 2008 at 10:21 am

    Open letter to Congressman Robin Hayes:

    “Liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God.”……….maybe you didn’t mean it, but I tend to believe it’s at your core level or it wouldn’t have escaped at all.

    I am a liberal and now you and Ms. Bachmann both believe that I am some sort of non-American who is lazy and God-less.

    I ‘walked’ my mother through Alzheimers for 11 long years. This disease stripped her of her mind, of her life savings, then on to Medicaid & elder abuse in a Medicaid approved facility, then to a 3rd facility where she finally died. Within a week of her death medicaid sent their ‘claim’ letter for whatever was left…..Yes Mr. Hayes that’s real life! Not like what McCain is proposing for health ins…..$5,000. is a joke to those of us who live in the real world. She worked till 72, had tremendous love of God and Country and her accomplishments were unbelievable, but her Govt. took it all away and her Church (where she never missed filling an envelope with money) visited her three times in 11 years. Most of her decline was during a Conservative Administration which never occurred to me till Ms. Bachmann, yourself & allies started defining the dividing line.

    But I don’t give a damn about Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, but I do give a damn when people like you and Ms. Bachmann look down on anyone who disagrees with your view.

    I do care when I’m reminded that life is hard enough without our Government employees lowering themselves to incite more burdens on the voters for their own ambitions. You are putting one person against the other to benefit egos and an election and in the meantime creating a situation likened to the 60’s.

    If Barack Obama were white, it would be a landslide victory and that’s the sad truth because none of you care about who is capable of being the better President as much as keeping the ‘status quo’. and no I’m not black!

    If Barack Obama had 1/2 the history of McCain or Palin, he wouldn’t have made it past the Primaries. He Speaks to The People and that hasn’t happened in 8 very long years and it scares most of you because “the Big Boys Club” might become a thing of the past and we might get insurance like yours or begin to see light at the end of the tunnel or in the very least regain some ‘hope’.

    I have written more emails during this election than in my lifetime and it is because I have grandchildren that don’t deserve a Sarah Palin or John McCain in their futures. I only hope as adults they choose neither liberal nor conservative, but walk with humanistic values of compassion and color-blindness.

    Shame on you for perpetrating an already ‘out of control’ campaign of malignment and ‘dirty tricks’ that even Nixon wasn’t capable of doing.

    Barbara Green (sent this to Mr. Hayes last night)

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