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Teach our children well


State Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson has an answer for folks who worry that allowing comprehensive sex education in public schools will lead to the demise of Western civilization.

Atkinson was one of several speakers at a news conference this morning promoting the Healthy Youth Act sponsored by Rep. Bob England, a physician from Rutherford County.

The legislation would allow parents of students in grades 7-9 to choose from two separate sex education programs, abstinence until marriage or abstinence-based comprehensive sex ed.

Religious conservatives say that providing students with information about how to protect themselves from pregnancy or sexually-transmitted diseases will lead to increased sexual activity.

Atkinson disagrees, saying

Just because we teach children about communism doesn’t mean they will become communists

It is also worth noting that some of the opponents of allowing any version of comprehensive sex ed were also supporters of the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program, which teaches kids to use firearms safely.

Apparently, kids will discover guns on their own, but won’t ever think about sex unless a teacher  brings it up. Who knew?