Democracy NC releases report on Blue Cross campaign donations

See contact information for Democracy NC and the chart detailing donations here. Excerpts from the statement by Democracy NC Director Bob Hall today:

An analysis by Democracy North Carolina reveals that no other company the size of Blue Cross has donated more to state politics through its political action committee –- a total of $643,000 from the 2000 election cycle through 2008. Seven company-backed PACs have given more, like those of the big banks and utilities, but all seven of those corporations operate in multiple states and are much larger than Blue Cross. As a not-for-profit corporation, Blue Cross is in a class of its own…

North Carolina is one of only a few states where the health insurance plan for state employees is supervised by a legislative body rather than by an executive branch agency or independent board. This arrangement puts legislative leaders in the awkward position of monitoring themselves. When substantial political money flows from insurers to legislators, the awkward position becomes more problematic to a skeptical public, even when legislators are doing their best to protect the public interest…

Executives from Blue Cross contributed an additional $117,000 to state politics during the same period of our analysis. Of this amount, $69,000 was donated by chief executive officer Robert J. Greczyn Jr. and $21,933 was donated by chief operating officer J. Bradley Wilson.


  1. The Progressive Pulse – What Elephant?

    March 17, 2009 at 10:58 am

    […] thought you could. If, however, you’re tired of reading about Blue Cross Blue Shield’s undue influence in the Legislature – from their hefty campaign donations to their lobbyists proffering legislation […]

  2. Marsha V. Hammond, PhD

    March 18, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    YEESS! Now, we’re getting somewhere. Let’s have the details of which state legislators received the money and I would assume that it is the state legislators who are supposed to do the monitoring as re: the BCBSNC state legislative committee.

    Turn on the heat:

    I would hope that Martin Nesbitt would lead the way to get BCBSNC overview OUT of the NC State Legislature—-iven how he used to be associated w/ BCBSNC, via his racing son, ‘advantaged’ a BCBSNC Advanta car: see the pic here: (from Defarge blog): ‘NC losing its critical coverage of BCBSNC by its NPR stations supported by BCBSNC Foundation? : Mr. Nesbitt don’t make me spill my machiato’: http://www.martnesbitt.com/photo%20truck.jpg

    Here is the list of some of the purportedly ‘government affairs’ employees associated w/ BCBSNC (ya know: those people who are supposed to ‘tell’ the state legislators what they want them to know): (Ken Wright, best I understand it, is the lead person, and you sometimes can catch Nell Boone at her desk on a Saturday: I bet she doesn’t pick up her phone anymore, though): Katie.Cook@bcbsnc.com
    You’ll notice that they all have bcbsnc e mail suffixes.

    Let’s have the list of the state legislators who were ‘advantaged’ the 643,000 from the 2000 election cycle through 2008.

    WE NEED A ONE PAYOR SYSTEM in order to cut down the administrative costs of health insurance. We all suffer because of this.

    Marsha V. Hammond, PhD

  3. Marsha V. Hammond, PhD

    March 18, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    This information is about a year old but these are the members of the BCBSNC Standing Committee of the NC State Legislature and I bet that if you looked at who got the $643,000, they would lead the list:

    “BCBSN Standing CommitteeTony Rand” ,”BCBSNC Standing Committee ” ,”BCBSNC STanding Committee ” ,”BCBSNC Standing Committee ” ,”BCBSNC Standing Committee ” ,”BCBSNC Standing Committee ” ,”BCBSNC Standing Committee ” ,”BCBSNC Standing Committee ” ,”BCBSNC Standing Committee ” ,”BCBSNC Standing Committee ” ,”BCBSNC Standing Committee
    Beverly Earle” ,
    “BCBSNC Standing CommitteeBob England”

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