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Bill Belk just needs a little health insurance

[1]In the bizarro case [2] of Mecklenburg Judge Bill Belk, nothing would come as a major shocker. Especially after the Charlotte businessman defeated the judge who ruled against him in his divorce case, had confrontations with fellow judges, and received a letter from the N.C. Judicial Standards Commission recommending his suspension.

One of the major problems cited by the Judicial Standards Commission is Belk’s refusal to resign from all of his corporate boards.

Belk responded by stepping down from all of the boards except Sonic Automotive. His reason for remaining on that board? According to the Charlotte Observer:

In documents filed Friday, Belk also said the reason he has declined to resign from the Sonic Automotive board is because he suffers from “pre-prostate cancer” and needs the health care coverage.

“Giving up health insurance … is like putting a gun to my head,” he wrote.

Do district court judges not get health coverage? Anyway, if a judge with the last name Belk (he is the grandson of the founder of the Belk department store chain) is risking his job because he is so desperate for health insurance, it should tell us something about the desperation of average people across North Carolina.