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BCBS: Big Corporate Bull…

Wow, Blue Cross is having some week! Who [1] does their PR? (Pause for snickering.) I know Chris [2] beat me to it this morning, but I’ve got to jump on this bandwagon. It’s balm for my soul, see. Whenever I feel bitterly resentful about the exorbitant sum we, like so many families, pay for our insurance, I want to cry. Dissing Blue Cross doesn’t really assuage the impotent rage I feel about our health (un)care system and the way it’s crushing so many people when they need help the most, but it doesn’t hurt either. Plus, this week BCBS is making it too easy. Seriously, paying their CEO [3] one of the nation’s highest insurance salaries, creating a misleading [4] – that’s putting it politely – ad campaign about our best option for delivery from the unaffordable private insurance morass we’ve got now, paying part of the then-First Lady’s salary [5] for a position she’s now asked to resign, and, last but not least, employing the lobbyist [6] who allegedly tried to bribe [7] a member of the NC House. What’s next?

Unfortunately for Blue Cross, someone may just make the time to try every door [8]. Cue the music: “Innocent-sounding piano music, vaguely reminiscent of a nursery rhyme, plays in the background. There’s nothing creepy or ominous about this music at all. It’s warm, comforting and innocuous.” Just like Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Other background phrases include:
What about lines?
Larger system
Rising premiums
Individual mandate”

The last four sound familiar. Have you tried to see a dermatologist lately? Lucky for us, we have answer at hand: “To learn more about what current plans for government-run health care mean to you and your family, you’ve come to the right place.” I’ll get right on that, though something tells me Blue Cross is fielding lots of other questions this (awesome, awesome) week.