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Shoot-first law:unnecessary and dangerous

Who in their right mind would vote against self-defense?

In the North Carolina Senate, as it turns out, just two members: Katie Dorsett and Ed Jones. And that’s because their minds were right.

Sens. Dorsett and Jones mustered the courage and diligence to see through unfounded claims from sponsors of SB 928, which was sold as a safeguard for self-defense.

This bill, however, has nothing to do with self-defense. North Carolinians, like all U.S. citizens, already have the right to protect themselves against an attack. Nowhere in the country is anyone being punished for acting in self-defense.

Instead, this “shoot first” law will legalize vigilantism. It provides shooters immunity from criminal prosecution or civil liability, even if they kill or injure an innocent bystander or the wrong person.

SB 928 is a tragedy waiting to happen. Will it be the social worker making an unannounced visit? Or maybe it’ll be the postal carrier, or a volunteer distributing fliers.

Let’s hope House members will see through the rhetoric and recognize unnecessary and dangerous legislation when they see it.