NC Blue Cross thumbs nose at Obama health reform effort

Yesterday, Politico reported that NC Blue Cross got a call from President Obama’s health care czar Nancy-Ann DeParle. DeParle asked BCBS CEO Bob Greczyn to pull his plans for misleading videos going after Obama’s ideas for health reform. Other health insurers are at the table negotiating with everyone else instead of crafting attack ads. DeParle thought Greczyn had pulled his ads. But nonprofit NC Blue Cross told WRAL yesterday that they “still oppose Obama’s health reform”:


  1. […] Besides, the media’s left-of-center bias is rarely more apparent than during court fights. NC Blue Cross thumbs nose at Obama health reform effort – pulse.ncpolicywatch.org 05/27/2009 Yesterday, Politico reported that NC Blue Cross got a call […]

  2. Mark Docterman

    July 7, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Come to the table to discuss a plan? Make “compromises”? What you’re saying is that BCBS should stop trying to make health insurance work and do what the President says. Why has the President never talked about removing the barriers to interstate purchases of insurance? Why does he not talk about removing mandates? Do this and see health insurance rates fall.

    Compromise your own care but leave the rest of us out of your “plan”.

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