Time Crunch for National Health Reform

The next six weeks are critical ones in the national health reform debate:

Next week: House releases full version of health reform bill; Two Senate committees release their own versions.

Week of June 20: Members of Congress start talking with constituents on health reform bill details.

NOTE: There are some reports that Democratic leaders will hold the full text of their health care bills until after the July 4th break, but this is very unclear.

July: Bills amended in committee and on to floor (this may happen earlier in the Senate).

Final vote in House by August 1 recess.

Final vote in Senate by August 7 recess.

Bill would go to conference after the August recess.

President Obama could have a final version by October.

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  1. […] the national health care reform debate heads into a critical phase, several members of the House from North Carolina are involved with Democratic coalitions that […]

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