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Top of the morning


Put this one in the “it’s hard not to be a little cynical” category. 

The folks at the Sunlight Foundation [2] in Washington do an impressive job keeping up with the interlocking webs of special interests in Washington. The group’s latest report [3] focuses on the connections between Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee and the health care industry.

It includes the standard compilation of how much money each Senator has raised from health care and insurance interests. Chairman Max Baucus last year raised $1.14 million from the health sector and another $285,000 from the insurance industry.

But just as interesting is the relationship between the Senators and the lobbyists trying to influence the debate.  The ten Democrats on the committee have connections to 20 former staffers who are now lobbyists for some part of the health care industry.

The staffers represent a total of 91different clients, from the American Medical Association to PhRMA to various insurance companies.

If the Obama Administration wants to pass any meaningful health care reform, it will have figure out how to deal with the large revolving door standing in the way.