Moms and kids tell legislators to give them a “fair shake” in the budget

Today, hundreds of MomsRising.org members delivered a message to state legislators: give kids and families a fair shake in their budget negotiations. That means preserving investments in programs like Smart Start and NC Health Choice, which ensure that young children get a healthy start in life.

State lawmakers received more than 1300 email messages today from moms across North Carolina reminding them that moms vote and will continue to vote for legislators who preserve critical programs for kids and families.

MomsRising.org members also personally delivered hundreds of hand-printed tiles to legislators’ offices to make their point. It’s pretty darned hard to ignore cute kids but without adequate revenues, that’s precisely what will end up happening with North Carolina’s budget.

The more than 12,000 North Carolina moms who are members of MomsRising.org get it that revenues are needed to provide their kids with affordable health insurance and quality early childhood education.


  1. […] This article is cross posted with permission from NC Policy Watch blog. […]

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