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Legislators and state officials should get out the mouth swabs and step on the scale

[1]The State Health Plan is sending out notices today and tomorrow informing state employees about the draconian and shockingly invasive new “wellness initiatives” that are sure to cause confusion and outrage.

The Health Access Coalition has objected [2] to these provisions from the time they were first introduced and we tried to get them stripped from the bill. But lawmakers were persistent and felt that sneaky state employees should be treated like children and undergo random smoking and weight tests.

As State Health Plan officials explain in this WUNC story [3], they will soon send teams to work sites to conduct surprise saliva swabs and weight tests. The State Health Plan said publicly that it would hold forums to discuss the new initiatives. No such forums were held.

So I suggest that legislators and state officials who are covered by the State Health Plan step up and be the first to volunteer for mouth swabs and weight tests. The General Assembly voted for these ridiculous provisions. The governor signed the bill. So lets see them jump on the scale.

I’m guessing that the legislature and governor’s office will not be among the work sites chosen for random testing — just a hunch.

Before these tests are conducted every state employee, and everyone who cares about the quality of our state services, should ask their governor and legislator why he or she thinks that random mouth swabs are a fair way to treat workers. Someone needs to stop a State Health Plan that has gone completely off the rails.