Guns Don’t Kill People, They Kill Societies

Did you hear that a 15-year-old girl was Tasered by a sheriff’s deputy at her Greensboro high school this week? She was threatening two teachers and assaulted the officer when her tried to arrest her. Obviously, that’s not good, it’s completely unacceptable for teachers – or anyone – to be threatened at their workplace. Still, In wonder if there wasn’t another way to defuse the situation. I find it troubling that there are law enforcement officers ready and armed in the event that a student gets upset. Why is that? Why are police and deputies stationed at schools? It’s not really because of the threat posed by belligerent students, it’s because of the threat posed by guns. But we can’t talk about that.

Now some members of the Guilford County school board naturally want to create a review board to discuss the presence of armed school resource officers and perhaps establish protocols for the those officers’ weapons. Other members disagree with the idea of even reviewing the use of the stun guns in schools. To me, this shows what a degraded quality of life we accept because of our refusal to even discuss limiting gun ownership in this country. We send children to schools where they enter through metal detectors and have law enforcement patrolling the halls. This doesn’t strike me as conducive to learning. I know I’m spittin’ in the wind here, if the fact that “approximately one NC child is killed by a gun every week” doesn’t bother people, the fact that kids are getting Tasered in schools certainly isn’t going to raise any eyebrows. It’s just this week’s reminder to me that we love our guns more than our children, and I can’t believe anyone finds that acceptable.


  1. Kimberly

    September 18, 2009 at 11:07 am

    I definately do not find that acceptable. What if that student has a medical condition? What if that student has a mental health condition? Tasers can kill a child depending upon their health, ability to withstand the electrical charge, and of course the proper use of that taser. We are teaching our children that reacting with violence is a good thing. I do not believe that armed guards should be patrolling our schools nor that students should be treated like they are prisoners. Between this policy, the lack of proper special education, the schools refusal to comply with students medical needs, and their refusal to send sick kids home instead of exposing everyone to whatever illness and sending kids home because they have Cystic Fibrosis and cough in class, this is why I homeschool my children. Our school system has too many flaws that just does not serve the students as needed and treats them poorly. I also do not believe that violence serves a purpose. Gun ownership should have more regulation.

  2. hazmat

    September 18, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    What does the gun have to do with this? Violence will happen with or without the presence of firearms. Just yesterday a student in Germany attacked his fellow classmates with an axe and Molotov cocktails. No guns involved. See? What you fail to connect is (and I don’t agree with these programs at all) resource officers are there to prevent belligerant students from creating all manner of trouble at school, whether it be with a gun or a pipe bomb or science experiment or fireworks. Students in school have all manner of weapons readily available to them. Pens and pencils, plastic utensils from the cafeteria, books, locks, book bags, etc.

    The reason I don’t agree with a police presence at schools is they set the impression that schools are prison. When I was in school, it was joked about, but now the joke isn’t so funny any more as it’s more true than the student know.

    No, what I find intolerable is the taser is the first thing reached for when an unruly student acts out. When corporal punishment was taken out of our school systems, the respect for authority went right along with it. There once was a time in the not-too-distant past, where a trip to the principals office meant a swat on the behind and a trip home to explain to your folks why you were sent home walking funny, not a chat about self esteem and feelings. When common sense took precedence over some whining ninny’s call for “zero tolerance”.

  3. DR

    September 18, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    I don’t follow you argument about guns being the problem. Guns have been in our society from the beginning. But the killing of kids by guns and school shootings are new. Those things are happening not because of guns but do to a deterioration of our society. If anything gun crime should be going down, as guns have actually become less accessible, however, that is not the case. It is too simplistic to just blame guns. There should be control of guns, but more than that we need some real introspection into ourselves and our society to decifer what has occured. I have my theories (too long to go into) about why this is happening and it is multifaceted.

    However, blaming guns is the simplistic easy way out. The girl who was tasered did not have a gun. But the teacher was not allowed to touch her for fear of being fired and a lawsuit, teachers can’t even defend themselves. Kids like this girl likely have issues that need professional help, our teachers are not prepared or paid to deal with kids who threaten them with violance. If the Sherrif had not acted, maybe a teacher or another student could have been hurt.

    We wonder why our children are falling farther and farther behind other nations. It’s not guns. It is something much deeper.

  4. Wake County Detox Center

    September 18, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    lets not forget the significant role of too much alcohol in many episodes of aggression and violence

  5. Julie Worley

    September 20, 2009 at 2:49 am

    The TRUTH is that school children are treated differently in our great nation based on where they live. A middle school student in Texas died by having his chest crushed when his teacher sat on him to restrain him, a Texas high school student suffered deep bruising and welts to his lower back, buttocks and back of his legs when he received 21 “licks” with a wooden canoe paddle, which broke during the beating and had to be taped to continue the beating, a 9 year old Georgia 3rd grader suffered deep bruising injuries when he was paddled with a wooden paddle 3 TIMES IN ONE DAY (Decatur Co., GA affirmed Corporal Punishment Policy 9/17/09 for school children) and a Publicly Funded Charter School in Memphis, Tennessee physically punishes middle/high school boys and GIRLS weekly during a ceremony called “Chapel” by hitting them with wooden paddles and/or whipping their hands with leather straps IN FRONT OF ALL THE OTHER STUDENTS AS A DETERRENT to publicly induce shame, humiliation and fear! The school employees in the above actions have LEGAL IMMUNITY and are STILL paid by our tax-dollars to be ENTRUSTED with the care and education of our children!
    Research on toddlers and other studies following children into adolescence found physical punishment was bad for children and made them more likely to show anti-social behaviour. Dr Jennifer Lansford, associate research professor with the Social Science Research Institute and Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University, who led the study, said children who were exposed to physical discipline most frequently were two to three times more likely to show anti-social behaviour as an adolescent, including things like getting into fights, being disobedient at home or at school, general delinquency and being in trouble with teachers. “It seems highly likely that children exposed to violence would themselves use violence in reaction to situations. Violence begets violence is a lesson from history not just child psychology.” “Children are the most vulnerable members of our society. Adults have constitutional and legal protection from physical violence. Why are children still waiting?”
    Physical punishment of schoolchildren is NOT education’s “Best Practice” as it is ILLEGAL in 30 states. Weapons such as Wooden paddles and GUNS don’t belong in schools. Guns are for KILLING and in Texas, one school district has undisclosed employees carrying loaded, concealed guns with the Governor’s support and approval!
    U.S. Congress is currently holding hearings on Abusive and DEADLY practices in SCHOOLS and MUST ABOLISH Physical/Corporal Punishment Nationwide of ALL Children in ALL Schools, The Cost is $0. Doesn’t it just make sense for all of us to keep our hands off of other people’s children?
    Pushing for anything less than an outright ban on all forms of classroom abuse reveals a gap in the administration’s professed commitment to making schools better, safer, and stronger.

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