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NC’s 1940s Good Health Plan Now Online

A couple years ago, I was reviewing NC’s Good Health Plan – a 1940s state-driven effort of bigwigs in NC to bring affordable health coverage and care to every state resident (including Blue Cross nonprofit insurance) and wrote this post [1] giving a short review of the plan and some key quotes. Well, Bob Hall just let me know that the Good Health Plan document is now completely online here [2]thanks to UNC.

Check it out. You can see how things really haven’t changed that much in the last sixty or so years as this quote from the Governor (page 184) shows:

The ultimate purpose of this program should be that no person in North Carolina shall lack adequate hospital care or medical treatment by reason of poverty or low income.

– J. Melville Broughton, NC Governor, 1941-1945; US Senator, 1948-1949