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Why House should Pass Senate Health Reform Bill Now – More

Letter to Congress [1] from Consumers Union, American Cancer Society, Families USA, SEIU : House should pass the Senate bill now – no bill is perfect, but millions of Americans can’t wait.

WaPo business columnist Steve Pearlstein: Abandoning health care after the Brown election and other Washington nonsense [2].

Brian Beutler on TPM: House Democrats need to get real [3] – piecemeal reform won’t work.

WaPo’s Eugene Robinson to Obama: Either get out and fight [4] for the 46 million uninsured Americans or admit defeat.

Kaiser health tracking poll [5]: “majorities reported feeling more favorable toward the legislation after learning about key elements such as the availability of tax credits for small businesses, the creation of health insurance exchanges, the inability of insurers to deny people coverage because of pre-existing conditions and the move to close the Medicare drug benefit’s “doughnut hole”…