What is this guy’s problem?

John TedescoIs John Tedesco for real? First he gets his knickers in a twist because the outgoing school superintendent dares (!) to disagree with him, and now he’s upset that a leading citizen and businessman dares (!) to express his own opinion. Honey, y’ain’t gonna get nowheres in politics if you cain’t git it together!

The correct response to Superintendent Burns’s comments was, “We respect and value Dr. Burns’s experience and leadership. We look forward to working with him during the remainder of his tenure.” End of story. You’ve already won, John, you don’t need to keep campaigning. This ridiculous and embarrassing push to fire Burns for insubordination – when you have no suitable replacement – is terribly unbecoming to a man of your exalted stature. Try to act the part, why don’t you?

Instead of modeling graciousness and integrity for the school children he’s so enamored of, Tedesco is now throwing another hissy fit because Capitol Broadcasting CEO Jim Goodmon is coming out in support of the county’s diversity policy. Let’s see a major employer and community booster sees what he believes is a damaging policy decision on the horizon and objects publicly. Isn’t that good citizenship? Civic pride and responsibility? Don’t Republicans love to hear from business about what business thinks is good for business? That’s the way it worked the last time I checked, so what’s a school board member to say? Nothing. That’s the extent of comment Johnny T. should have to offer at this point. Instead, via the N&O, we got this:

John Tedesco, a member of the school board majority, lashed out at Goodmon’s move, calling it an attempt to influence the policy debate.

‘He’s wasting his money that could have been used to help people,’ Tedesco said. “He could have given it to the Rescue Mission or some other useful cause.

‘Any company that is dividing the community would not be one that I’d choose to spend my advertising dollars with.'”

We know where you stand, dude, take it down a notch. If you want to tell the wealthy and prominent how to spend their money, you’re gonna need to get past the school board. But with your humiliating track record, after only a few months on the job, I wouldn’t count on that rosy a future. Too bad all Art Pope’s money couldn’t pay for a few lessons in decorum.


  1. Joe Ciulla

    February 27, 2010 at 9:31 am

    Funny, I remember people on this blog whining about Blue Cross trying to insert themselves in the health care debate. I remember (and agreed with) people on this blog who were disappointed by the recent Supreme Court ruling that companies and corporations can now open their wallets in the political process.

    But when Jim Goodmon’s company opens the wallet to support a cause you agree with, then it is ok.

    And if you’re going to attack a school board member, you’d do better to choose someone else. While the debate rages between those would would maintain status quo and those who support changes, John spends every day working with these at-risk kids. Today he is hosting a bowl-a-thon to raise money for Big Brother / Big Sisters, and to treat these kids to a rare day of fun. Why not go bowling with John and his guests today and maybe learn a bit more about both?

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