Anti-gay leader rents a boy from Rentboy

These days when I meet a rabidly anti-gay person, I have two related reactions:

1. I feel sorry for them;

2. I assume they are a deeply closeted person filled with shame and self-loathing.

Let’s not belabor the litany of examples ripped from recent headlines. Let’s instead focus on this morning’s case, of North Miami heterosexism activist George Alan Rekers, who vacationed with a young gentleman he’d met on, ahem, Rentboy.com. (Need I tell you that the Rentboy site is not safe for work? Unless one works at the Family Research Council, I guess.)

Rekers’ excuse is that he merely contracted the young man to carry his bags. But, as Miami New Times reported:

To arrive at [the Rentboy in question] Lucien’s site, Rekers must have accepted Rentboy.com‘s terms of use, thereby acknowledging he was not offended by graphic sexual material. He then would have been transported to a front page covered with images of naked, tumescent men busily sodomizing each other.

Then Rekers must have performed a search. Did he want a “rentboy,” a “sugar daddy,” or a “masseur”? In what country? And what city? If Rekers searched for a rent boy in Miami, he would have found approximately 80 likely candidates. He must have scrolled down the first page, past the shirtless bears and desperate ex-models, and on to page 2. There, at last, was Lucien.

I really can’t top those two paragraphs, so I think I’ll just end it here.


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  2. Tom Elvis Brown

    May 4, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    Lemme guess — teabagger?

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