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State Health Plan held hostage

[1]That’s how the State Employees Association of North Carolina characterizes [2] the lack of action in the General Assembly. SEANC is specifically promoting two bills, one to move oversight of the State Health Plan out of the legislature and another to repeal the fat tax on state workers. Both of these bills make eminent sense.

Leadership at the legislature is declining to move any bills while a blue ribbon task force considers the future of the State Health Plan. There are two problems with this logic. One is that the task force has thus far only heard lectures from “Dr.” Jack Walker without any outside advice. The second problem is that penalizing people based on an index of body mass is crass and ridiculous and should have never passed legislative muster. The fat tax should be repealed and repealed at once, no more study is needed.

We also know that the General Assembly should not control the State Health Plan. Every audit ever conducted on the plan has recommended its relocation. Where it should go is a bit of a problem. Legislators have made such a hash of the State Health Plan that no one wants it. But it must go somewhere. If the blue ribbon task force will get to work perhaps it could find a suitable fit.