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Campaign for Better Care Letter Supports Berwick Nomination

Dr. Don Berwick is a widely-respected physician who has been nominated to head the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. This important position will play a key role in how the new health reform law is implemented and the change in our health system towards more prevention and better, more affordable care. Dr. Berwick already is a leader in making changes to improve the quality of health care nationwide. His leadership through innovative programs to eliminate preventable hospital infections, avoidable surgical complications and other problems has saved literally hundreds of thousands of lives. His medical career has always been about putting patients first and giving patients and their doctors the tools they need to deliver the best possible care.

The NC Justice Center’s Campaign for Better Care joins business leaders, consumer groups and providers from across the political spectrum in supporting Dr. Berwick’s nomination through a letter to Congressional leaders signed by 90 different groups [1]. Dr. Berwick’s leadership is just what we need to improve health care and keep health reform focused on the patient.