Illegal Seawall Already on Figure 8 Island?

Here’s a photo that purports to show what looks very much like a clearly illegal concrete seawall built in front of Parker Overton’s beachfront lot on Figure Eight Island. Overton has been very active in the move to overturn NC’s ban on building seawalls and jetties on the coast. Apparently this lFigure 8 lot is eroding and this (previously) hidden concrete seawall was constructed to stop that. One problem – such seawall construction, if indeed this qualifies as a seawall, is clearly not allowed on the NC coast. At the very least, this picture should prompt investigation into how this structure was built, who built it, and whether it violates NC’s seawall ban.


  1. Adam Linker

    July 7, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    If that were a seawall it would be illegal. But that’s clearly a sea deterrent, which is very different.

  2. Parker Overton

    July 15, 2010 at 10:54 pm

    Dear Adam Searing,
    The wall you refer to was my dog fence and was under my house. Tell me, Where does the Ocean end and my land begin? I had over one hundred feet of sand in front of the Dog Fence when I built in 1995 before there was an erosion problem and the remains of the dog fence has kept me and my neighbors from being washed away. It never has been HIDDEN. If you are going to print something, get the facts before you judge someone and what is on their property. You should also know, that the State has given others the right to have sandbags when No House was built on the property. I have now moved my house and if I take down the DOG FENCE it will severely damage my neighbors and could have an effect on the road. In case you don’t know it, Our State Officials care more about a Turtle than they do the tax payers of North Carolina. I also believe that a person has the right to protect their property. In fact there is something in the constitution about that. Where do you think the taxes on these properties are going to come from when these houses fall in the Ocean? Have you stopped to think how much revenue is being lost by North Carolina not protecting its Beaches? If you want to print something, Why don’t you print how Speaker Hackney had Rep. Pricey Harrison hold the Senate bill on the groin and let it die in the Rules Committee after the Senate had approved it by a tremendous margin. Is this how our Government works that one Representative has more power then the entire SENATE? This effects the whole Coast of NC and everyone who has property on the Coast. Just to set the record straight, I am trying to work something out now with CAMA to protect my neighbors and the Island. I have told CAMA, I will be happy to remove the Dog Fence if they are going to be responsible for washing away my neighbors. At least, I care and I am willing to fight for what is right. Where do you stand? I am available if you want to talk. I would just appreciate you telling the truth and don’t condemn someone you don’t even know.

  3. […] this month we published a photo of a Figure Eight Island property that looked like it had a concrete seawall in front of it. Parker […]

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