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Lunch Links

If you want some inspiration to do what you love, read this terrific commencement address from poet Jon Sands [1].

Cliff’s Notes of this “economics” link: Moron has newspaper column, believes that generous children giving away free lemonade “sum up what’s wrong with the U.S. [2]

This guy must be heckuva good time at parties. My favorite part:

If we can’t teach our kids the basics of running a lemonade stand, how can we ever teach Congress the basics of economics?

If we can’t teach our kids that wrestling is fake, how can we teach Congress that torture is wrong? If we can’t bring back the onion-on-the-belt fashion statement [3], how we will we ever recognize Missourah [4]? Most importantly, if this guy has a newspaper column, is it any wonder the beloved medium is dying?

Seeing is believing, right? Not always. Just check out this multi-colored spiral [5].

… which is not multi-colored at all, but an incredible optical illusion that teaches a fascinating lesson about how the brain perceives visual stimuli. More cool optical illusions here [6].

Searching for that perfect poem for a particular occasion? Want to make your intended paramour think you’re deep and well-read without actually reading much? Check out the American Poetry Foundation’s PoemFinder too [7]l, where you can search by category, occasion, and other qualities.

Yesterday was the Dalai Lama’s 75th birthday [8].

The octopus says Spain’s going to win [9]. I’m going with the octopus. Those things are smart [10]. After all, I’ve never heard an octopus use some kids giving away lemonade as a reason the country’s going to hell.