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Lunch links

[1]Debra Goldman, a member of the Wake County School Board Gang of Five, says [2] she may vote against John Tedesco’s assignment plan.

BlueNC posts an interesting [3] letter to political opportunist BJ Lawson.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (I think I spelled that correctly) signed seven important bills into law that begin the hard work of health reform implementation. The state is establishing the first post-reform insurance exchange that includes some strong consumer protections. There are also new requirements to cover kids at affordable rates. He also vetoed several bills including one that would have established a public health insurance option at the state level. You can read more [4] from one of our allied organizations Health Access California.

Good post [5] at KevinMD entitled “How academic physicians turn into drug company shills”. Remind me again why all Academic Medical Centers don’t ban drug reps from campus?