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More scary stuff from Renee Ellmers

[1]We’ve documented [2] a few of the many lies told by Congressional Candidate Renee Ellmers in the course of her campaign. But the troubles with telling the truth aren’t as frightening as when she shares her unchecked opinions.

Ellmers, a nurse, now says [3] that there should be no – no! – protections against insurance companies denying someone coverage due to a preexisting condition. I’ve never heard another politician, Democrat or Republican, say that we should leave such decisions up to the whims of big insurers. But here it is:

She said she was opposed to having the government mandate that insurers must accept customers with pre-existing conditions.
“Let the private insurance companies decide how they’re going to handle the pre-existing conditions situation,” she said.

Proposals like the one from Sen. Richard Burr to protect people with preexisting conditions are inadequate. But again, I’ve never heard of anyone saying that there should be no protections, no guarantees. That’s not radical, it’s reactionary. I guess Burr was wrong when he said that no one could get to the right of him.

Ellmers also doesn’t think that we should mandate maternity coverage. If you are a man you shouldn’t have to help pay for maternity care, Ellmers argues. This is a rehashed far right talking point that ignores the societal benefit children bestow, and it pretends that men play no part making babies.

These ideas are absurd and alarming. I’m glad she told us before the election that she wants to turn all health care decisions over to an unregulated insurance industry. That way we can’t claim that we were never warned.