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Drink beer. Eat fried chicken. Cure cancer.

[1]At a local restaurant a few days ago I saw this sign for something called “Corona Cares [2]“. Apparently it’s a fundraiser for the North Carolina Cancer Hospital that ran in September. For every case of Corona Extra and Corona Light sold in the state 25 cents went to “programs that benefit patients and families receiving cancer treatment”. I’m not sure how much it raised but it’s a bit strange to see a cancer hospital teaming up with a beer importer.

This reminds me of the Kentucky Fried Chicken boxes [3] that support breast cancer research. I don’t have a problem with corporations donating money to research or to benefit the families of cancer patients. But to use a charity for the marketing of beer and chicken is seriously questionable.

We shouldn’t be surprised that KFC and Corona would use the cancer hospital for advertising purposes. But UNC should know better. I’m not sure if beer and fried chicken contribute to cancer but I think it’s safe to say they don’t help.