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House Dems label charter school bill an “assault on public education” (video)

Next week, a House Appropriations Subcommittee will begin debating Senate Bill 8 [1], legislation that would eliminate North Carolina’s cap on charter schools and set-up separate oversight from the state Board of Education and Department of Public Instruction.

On Thursday, House Democrats railed against the legislation, calling it a “rash step” that would “bankrupt our schools.” Specifically, lawmakers are concerned that an unlimited number of charter schools would pull money away from many public school districts.

N.C. Policy Watch’s Sarah Ovaska has also noted [2] that the bill doesn’t seem to have a fiscal note detailing what the pending legislation would cost the state.

To hear Rep. Tricia Ann Cotham [3] (Mecklenburg-D) and Rep. Rick Glazier [4] (Cumberland-D) speak against the bill, click below: