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Lawmakers to hold 2nd hearing on rules deemed an “undue burden” (video)

This upcoming Monday (March 21st) the legislature’s newly formed Joint Regulatory Review Committee [1] will hold its second public hearing in Charlotte. The committee, made up of 9 senators and 9 representatives, will receive input regarding rules and rule-making procedures that are “an impediment to private sector job creation.”

Environmentalists worry [2] businesses and other special interests will use the series of statwide hearings [3] to identify environmental regulations for the General Assembly’s new Republican leadership to eliminate.

This weekend on News & Views, the Environmental Defense Fund’s [4] Jane Preyer discusses some of the anti-environmental initiatives emerging from this legislative session including Senate Bill 110 [5], which allows hardened structures on North Carolina’s beaches.

For a preview of Preyer’s radio interview with Chris Fitzsimon, click below:

For more on Monday’s public hearing at Central Piedmont Community College’s Harris Campus, click here [2].