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Perdue left with no choice but to veto unemployment bill

Veto-2011 [1]News reports this morning confirm what we’ve known for the last couple of days: Governor Perdue will veto House Bill 383 [2] today — the bill advanced by legislative Republicans in an effort to use 37,000 unemployed workers and their insurance benefits as a bargaining chip [3] to force the Perdue to agree to overall GOP budget targets for the fiscal year that begins in six weeks.

It was a cheap and pointless maneuver to which Republicans knew from the start the Governor would never agree.

Fortunately, if they want to, legislative leaders can still pass a clean unemployment extension bill [4] and have it on Perdue’s desk as early as Monday night.  At this point, it only remains to be seen whether the Republicans will persist with their Wisconsin-like tactics of political brinkmanship or get back to the business of actual governing.