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First term GOP Senators attempt to curtail NC citizens’ rights to engage in democracy

After being elected to office in an historic post Citizens United election [1], first term Republicans Senators Jim Davis [2], Ralph Hise [3], and Warren Daniel [4] put forth Senate Bill 657 [5].

This bill aims to ban Sunday or “Souls to the Polls” voting in North Carolina, eliminate early voter registration for 16-17 year olds [6], limit the early voting period to 8-9 days, limit the available day time hours of early voting locations and completely eliminate election-day voter registration [7] in North Carolina.

Jim Morrill has a great piece on Senate bill 657 [5] in the Charlotte Observer. [8]

Heading into a presidential election in which North Carolina could be pivotal, a new Republican-backed bill would curtail early voting in the state and bar new voters from registering at the polls.

The Senate bill introduced last week would shrink the early-voting period by at least a week, end it on Sundays and stop so-called “same-day registration.”

Read more here [8].