Emotions run high over “Woman’s Right to Know” bill (video)

The budget bill wasn’t the only piece of legislation stirring up controversy on Jones Street on Wednesday. The House Judiciary Committee heard from both sides on House Bill 854, the so-called Woman’s Right to Know Act.

The bill requires a 24-hour waiting period and informed consent of a pregnant woman before an abortion can be performed.  It also stipulates that an ultrasound be performed with the images of the unborn child displayed so the pregnant woman can view them.  In the case of a minor, notarized consent from the minor and a parent or legal guardian would be required.

Janet Colm of Planned Parenthood told committee members that their clients already take the issue of abortion  very seriously, and that they deserve more personalized care than the “cookie cutter approach” this bill spells out.

Danelle Hallenbeck told legislators she was never informed of the complications that could result from a 1993 abortion which has “haunted” her ever since.

Dr. David Grimes, a board-certified physician in obstetrics and gynecology, said the added burdens put in place by HB 854 would increase the risk involved and double the rate of unintended births among teenagers.

The committee could to vote on the bill as early as next week. To hear from opponents and supporters of the legislation, click below:


  1. WAFranklin

    May 4, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    We have come too far down the line of “pro-life”, a name which disguises pure, unadulterated hatred and blind, unrelenting theologies, from where this all started. It is patently obvious to all but the mentally deranged that the choice belongs to the mother. Here we are 40 years later with a group of murderous fanatics determined to make the life of any woman who has the misfortune to have an unintended pregnancy hell on earth! And, worse, these are also religious fanatics and nuts who are determined to inflict their supposed god on everyone else in the name of whatever floats through their tiny minds. Are the people in NC really this fundamentally stupid. The right does not belong to the state, it belongs to the mother alone, end of subject. Bugger off.

  2. Jay

    May 13, 2011 at 10:12 am

    My grandmother became pregnant at 15 years old when she came to America. Her lover was a famous ice skater from England. I guess he need to release himself, and he bullwinkled my grandmother, a young innocent girl circa 1930, into having sexual relations with him. My grandmother’s mother was going to throw her out of the house as a punishment. Without money or a place to live, my grandmother decided to abort my mother. She choose to go to a back alley abortionist to end my mother’s life. She was lying on the abortion table when her brother ran in the room and pulled her off the table. Thus, my mother was “saved.” My mother never got to know who her father was. After all, my grandmother was his “one night stand.”

    My mother was given to the New York Foundling Hospital by her mother. The first three years of her life were spent being thrown from foster home to foster home. She was fed coffee in a bottle in one home, and severely neglected. At three years old, an old woman who took foster children in for a few bucks a month, decided to foster my mother. She lived with her till 12 years old. At that point, my mother asked her foster mother to supply funds for my mother to become a hairdresser. She was told by her foster mother that hairdressers were tramps and no way would she give this money even though it would be reimbursed by New York State Social Services. My mother ran away. She hitched rides to Conneticut. While walking the streets, 5 men accosted her and took her to an abandoned house. They proceeded to rape my mother all night long. My mother survived, and they got away with releasing their semen all over a little girl. My mother then was picked up off the street by a pimp. He abused her terribly, and she landed up having a sever case of syphilis.

    One day, my mother was sitting in a diner crying. A detective saw her and started speaking to her kindly. She told him her story. He told her to go back home and live with her foster mother. My mother was now 16 years old. Before she could go back home, though, the courts put her in a nunnery. She had to scrub the floors and nun’s habits for one year. After that, she was released in the custody of police. They were to bring her back to New York to her foster mother. During her time in the nunnery, her foster mother did not pay a visit. My mother did not have any other contacts except this woman.

    The police took her back to New York. On the way, the two of them molested my mother in the police car before they dropped her off. My mother never reported them. I do not know why. She found a job cleaning telephones at Nabisco cookie company for one year. It was there she met my father. I was born one year later and their marriage lasted a lifetime.

    Throughout my early years, teens and through my adulthood, I watched my mother rage, and destroy things. My mother cried deeply that she did not know her mother and father, and had no family as my Dad did. It was horrible growing up watching my mother’s pain and suffering. She almost died having me, and thereafter spent the rest of her life having 30 surgeries for various conditions that appeared in her body. I believe my mother’s real sickness was a sickness of the heart and soul. I believe the sicknesses my mother experienced, (without the help of therapy, or household help) were the physical manifestations of the pain she felt of not being loved by a mom and dad. I became my mother’s basket of eggs so to speak. My mother never let me go, or grow into independence for fear of having nothing or no one.

    My mother never finished 6th grade. She spent her years on earth in great pain, without self-esteem. She worked very hard to make a home, cooked fine meals, and serve everyone. She lived in deep grief for what was bestowed upon her by humane ignorance. My mother died in 1999 of nasalpharyngeal cancer 4th stage. It was broke me apart inside. My mother loved to paint in her later years, even though she was very nervous. The last month of her life, while she lay in Sloan Kettering Hospital, I brought my mother’s paints to the hospital. I got her to sit up which was very difficult for her. My mother had lost 100 pounds in one year due to the disease. At 85 pounds, she was a mere wisp of the woman she was. During the last month of her life, she painted mother bears and two children in various settings. The doctors and nurses bought her paintings. On her deathbed she received recognition and love.

    During their marriage, my father became a perfectly functioning alcoholic. My mother never left his side, because he told her she was nothing without him, and that she could not even sign her name clearly. He chastized her all the time, and made fun of her.

    Why am I writing this publically here? I want you to see that if you pass this bill that “offers women an education about abortion when they are about to abort a child…please offer my story. The bill offers them the option of listening to the heartbeat or watching the ultrasound. Nowhere in the bill does it state that the man who needed to release his semen, should be present, too. It is a strange that men can come and “go” as they choose without any responsibility for their sexual prowess.

    Just look at the mess of millions of women’s lives because of men’s lack of responsibility. The bill needs correction. The father of the unborn needs to be standing right next to the mother. As a child of a woman who was to be aborted, I have only grazed the surface of what my mother’s life was like…need I mention mine because of a man who went back to England after putting his penus in a young underage girl.

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