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House gives OK to shorten early voting period (video)

NC House members tentatively approved House Bill 658 [1] Thursday, which will shorten the early voting period by seven days.

Rep. Bert Jones [2], a unaffiliated freshman legislator from Rockingham County, said while early voting has been popular, it was a costly proposition for some counties.

Representatives Alma Adams [3], Kelly Alexander [4], and Mickey Michaux [5] said the bill would most certainly discourage voting among minorities.

House Majority Leader Rep. Paul Stam [6] told the chamber that early voting merely helped the candidate with the most money outspend and outlast the challenger.

But Rep. Deborah Ross [7] argued money should not be the deciding factor in this debate. She said lawmakers should only be concerned about what makes the voting process convenient and easier for their constituents.

In the end, the bill passed its second reading 61-53. To hear more of Thursday’s debate, click below: