Excellent new website on offshore wind potential

The good folks at the Sierra Club NC have a new website up this week about offshore wind. It’s called Offshore Wind NC and you can find it at www.offshorewindnc.org

The site has loads of useful info – (FAQ’s, tons of useful links, ways to get involved and lots more).

Bottom line takeaway: it ain’t perfect and needs a lot more work, but it clearly beats the heck out of fracking and nukes and just about every other solution out there save for conservation.


  1. J. Grooms

    May 19, 2011 at 11:04 am

    Thanks for alerting readers to the offshorewind website. I have to disagree somewhat with your “bottom line” assessment of wind power’s potential, however. I think over the years, we’ve all grown used to the “it still needs work” mantra about alternative energy sources, whether it’s solar, wind, hamster wheels or whatever. Lately, though, I wonder if we haven’t been taken in by pro-nuke, pro-fracking, pro-coal PR’s casual, smarmy dismissals of alt energy. Case in point: it has been a wake-up call for me during the past year while looking into the extent of European countries’ experience with wind power. Rather than being “not ready for prime time,” wind power is not only ready, it’s up and running and producing electricity NOW. In Great Britain, the world’s largest offshore wind farm is now producing enough electricity to light up every house in Scotland, and that’s just the latest farm. Wind farms off the NC coast are a no-brainer, but it will be a fight to convince lawmakers to make them easier to achieve. First of all, however, those who support alt energy need to present the facts about not only the feasibility of wind power in NC, but also facts about how wind power is up and running and working now, today, as we speak — as a reality that we should be trying to catch up to.

  2. Rob Schofield

    May 19, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Criticism noted and accepted if I gave the impression that I was skeptical. I’m actually not.

    I just wanted to reinforce the notion that we ‘re unlikely to find a single, magic bullet to the energy/climate challenge and that we need to keep pushing for conservation and lifestyle changes as well. Wind power is clearly a critical part of the solution to what ails our planet and deserves a huge increase in attention and investment.

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