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Dems call GOP block on Planned Parenthood funds “disgraceful” (video)

Democrats offered dozens of amendments Wednesday to improve the Senate budget, only to have most of their proposals rejected by the Republican-controlled Appropriations Committee.

Senator Ellie Kinnaird [1] appealed to committee members to allow Planned Parenthood to receive federal funds as pass thru dollars from the state.  The Orange County Democrat reminded her colleagues that the federal funds would provide valuable health exams and cancer screenings to uninsured women, who would otherwise have no access to preventative care.

Wayne County Republican Senator Louis Pate [2] was unmoved:

“I believe that taxpayers’ money going to Planned Parenthood is taxpayers’ money, regardless of whether it comes from the state level or the federal level and I feel this amendment should be opposed.”

Two other Democrats urged lawmakers to amend the budget and permit the federal funding stream. In the end, Kinnaird’s amendment was rejected on a voice vote.

To watch the full exchange, click below: