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Hell Day at the General Assembly

[1]You might have thought that the impending passage by the Senate of a disastrous budget proposal [2] would be enough damage to the state for one day, but there are plenty of other dreadful acts occurring in all of our names on Jones Street today. Indeed, in one particularly awful hour this morning in several different rooms on the same dreary hallway in the Legislative Office Building, several committees met at once to advance a bevy of reactionary proposals.

The included: a bill to repeal the Racial Justice Act, a proposal to promote the spread of guns [3] and limit the ability of private property owners to ban their presence, a proposal to repeal decades of progress [4] in the state’s unemployment insurance system, a proposal to repeal an array protections for home owners and home buyers [5] victimized by shady sales practices. There were several others.

With next week’s June 9 “crossover deadline” looming for lawmakers, expect Hell Day to become Hell Week.