Senate appointees peppered with Pope people

One of the rites that always accompanies the close of the legislative session is the passage of a bill that includes the appointments of the Senate President Pro Tem and the House Speaker to various boards and commissions. We’ve yet to see the list of names from Rep. Thom Tillis, but the list for Sen. Phil Berger is out and, not surprisingly, it includes several residents of the Art Pope Empire.

Here are few that show up in a quick perusal of the list:

-Locke Foundation Executive Vice President, Kory Swanson: N.C. Seafood Industrial Park Authority
-Locke Foundation Vice President for Outreach, Becki Gray: Board of Trustees of the N.C. Museum of Art
-Locke Foundation alum and all-purpose right-wing commentator, Rick Martinez: Board of Trustees of the UNC Center for Public Television
-Locke Foundation staffer and Director of the North Carolina Education Alliance, Lyndalyn Kakadelis: North Carolina Teaching Fellows Commission (a program the Republican budget defunds) 
-All-purpose Pope and Republican attorney and head of the N.C. Property Rights Coalition, Kieran Shanahan: N.C. Clean Water Management Trust Fund Board of Trustees  
-Former state Auditor and current head of the Pope-funded Foundation for Ethics in Public Service, Les Merritt: State Ethics Commission
-There’s also a Christine Woodhouse of Wake County (which appears to be the name of the spouse of Dallas Woodhouse of Americans for the Prosperous), who is appointed to the N.C. Board of Science and Technology. (We’re sure Dallas or someone else will correct us if this is a different Christine Woodhouse.) 

Bottom line: An awful lot of people who spend a lot of time disparaging government sure do seem to want to be a part of it.


  1. Sandi

    June 9, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    Locke Foundation alum and all-purpose right-wing commentator, Rick Martinez: Board of Trustees of the UNC Center for Public Television????????

    This is a sick joke. Appointing people to help oversee organizations they patently detest?? Is this meant to “show the liberals” that the BIG DOGS are in command? Give me a break. This is sick.

  2. Katy

    June 13, 2011 at 12:59 am

    Art Pope sincerely believes in these fiscally conservative ideals, as do those who work in his “empire”. They are true believers and they all laugh at how it scares the left. I was once an employee, too. Now, I blog and am a stay-at-home mom. I respect my Democrat friends, but I have many differences with them.

    When the Democrats were in charge, they did everything they could to stifle debate and shut out conservatives. The conservatives have been fair, but they do have a system of beliefs. When the people send a clear mandate and elect people to do a job, don’t get mad that they get the job done. It’s merely what they were elected to do.

    In short, people got tired of Obama and Perdue running this nation and state into the ground. I never thought I’d ever see it in my lifetime, but voters threw the baby out with the bathwater and voted in a solid Republican majority. They have gotten a great deal accomplished this session.

    Did you know a faction of the Republican party, the Tea Party, thinks they didn’t go far enough. Not even close? It’s them you should fear.

    Katy’s Conservative Corner
    http://Katy's ConservativeCorner.com

  3. […] Pope appointees Post on June 20, 2011 by Rob Schofield No Comments Previously, we reported here on the Pulse that Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger had appointed several people from the Art Pope Empire […]

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