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McHenry’s role in attempt to smear consumer watchdog

[1]North Carolina congressman Patrick McHenry has always been a loyal lackey to the various branches of the bottom feeding sharks of the consumer lending industry. From his time in the General Assembly where he was an outspoken defender of the now illegal practice (in North Carolina) of “payday lending” right up through his tenure in congress — a period during which he has frequented small loan industry shindigs as a guest of honor and carried the industry’s water in numerous debates — McHenry does whatever he can to oppose consumer protection laws and smear consumer advocates.

Thus, it was no surprise at all to see one of North Carolina’s most embarrassing members of congress highlighted again this morning in a story by the good folks at Think Progress [2]. It’s a bit complex, but it’s pretty clear from the story that McHenry was working hand in glove this past May with a former Goldman Sachs employee (a guy who changed his name after leaving the company and who now works as a congressional staffer — that’s him in the picture sitting behind McHenry) to smear the lending industry’s Public Enemy Number One, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren. 

The bottom line: As with his time in Raleigh, McHenry is a predatory corporation’s  dream legislator: a relatively young, ambitious, arch-conservative from a safe district who’ll pretty much do and say anything he’s told in order to get “ahead.”