New Report: Why Medicaid matters to all North Carolinians (But not Thom Tillis)

[Click here for our new report.]  NC Speaker of the House Thom Tillis has a theory about how to make massive cuts in NC’s Medicaid health care program play better with the public – make people with disabilities resent mothers with children.  As my colleague Chris Fitzsimon reported, Tillis told a friendly group this week that to mothers who have children and are poor:

“At some point you need to say first kid, we’ll give you a pass, second, third, fourth kid, you are on your own..”

“What we have to do is find a way to divide and conquer the people who are on assistance. We have to show respect for that woman who has cerebral palsy and had no choice in her condition that needs help and we should help. And we need to get those folks to look down at these people who choose to get into a condition that makes them dependent on the government.”

The NC Health Access Coalition has a new report out that gives five reasons every NC family – including many middle class families – is helped by the NC Medicaid program.  Like most issues in health care, we are all in this together.  In Thom Tillis’ world, perhaps we should save money in private health insurance by getting the people who are healthy to “look down” on the people who get cancer.  After all, kick those folks off the health plan and premiums become cheaper for everyone.

The North Carolina of Thom Tillis is not my North Carolina, nor is it a North Carolina most people would want to live in.  Our report helps make that clear.


  1. Jack

    October 13, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    For many in NC the only access to medical care is through public assistance. The prejudicial images Speaker Tillis evoked represent a political party that is in touch with its upper 1% of the population feelings.

    The North Carolina Legislature continually demeans people with disabilities by financing institutional bias against us through state agencies.

    When the Republican Party needs a wedge issue it does not hesitate to use the image of a woman with a disability in an effort to further its goal of fomenting prejudicial attitudes. What Speaker Tillis said in his Divide and Conquer comment is deeply disturbing.

    The list of outright acts of discrimination by law makers continues to grow in NC. NC may not become one of the best places to live or do business if this continues.

  2. Wanda

    October 14, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    I agree with the “Divide and Conquer”, If you have one child, pass on one, but as high as 5 and 6, cut it off, plug it up, medicaid she not be paying for that many children to be born! If medicaid is paying, that means she or he does not have insurance, then that means they gonna get more public assistance, which means food stamps galore!!! Then after a while they are no longer working cause they don’t have to, the government is funding all the bills while I break my back to work, feed, clothe, and keep my children in a home with lights, cool air, warm air, and on top of that the company I work for no longer has insurance. Now I have to find an independent agent for insurance for my kids costing a arm and both my legs to cover them. I can’t afford the dental, mind you so we’re brushing 3X aday and I no longer have insurance on myself cause I can’t afford it. I have witnessed people working and they are getting medicaid and their children are getting BRACES on their not so crooked teeth and I can’t get any assistance to get my kids BRACES. It’s sickening, That’s ok though I’m going to get fired or quit and see if I can get 650.00 in food stamps so I can sell them to someone and wear me some LouBouitons or some Prada or Gucci like I see all the time, cause they even try to sell to me! You know what I would not degrade myself with such!!!

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