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New “On the chopping block” feature shows the toll taken by budget cuts

[1]Here’s a new website you ought to bookmark: It’s called “On the chopping block” [2] and it was developed by the folks at Together NC [3].

It features some extremely cool — if extremely sobering — graphics detailing the destructive impact of the 2011-12 state budget adopted by the General Assembly this past June. By moving your cursor around a map of North Carolina, you can see just how many people are losing their jobs and what kind of essential public services and structures are being destroyed.

Warning: Visiting the site can be a bit of grim exercise. It’s also likely to produce some level of perverse pleasure over in the flat earth camp. But at this point, there’s no better place to to see just how royally the right-wingers running the legislature have screwed up state in just 10 months. Caring and thinking people owe it to themselves to check it out.

Click here to visit the site [2].