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A “learning experience,” indeed

[1]If you had any doubts about the way House Speaker Thom “Divide and Conquer” Tillis and his cronies think our government should be run, check out the following excerpts  from Laura Leslie’s story at WRAL.com [2] on the GOP’s early morning kangaroo legislative session (which also includes the video of Tillis’ cocksure pronouncements).

This is from Tillis:

“Some people that probably don’t like the fact we’re here tonight. But the fact of the matter is we got it done, we’re out of here, we’re saving money and going back home….Everybody knows that anytime we come into a general session, that those matters are on the calendar, and this should be a learning experience.”

And this is an exchange between one of Tillis’ top deputies, Rep. Tim Moore, and Rep. Paul Luebke:

“These bills were debated extensively during session. They’ve had full vetting,” responded House Rules chairman Tim Moore, R-Cleveland. “Whenever the will of the majority is to pass legislation without further delay, we should move forward.”

“Do you think 1:05 AM is a good time for the public to participate in this debate?” asked Paul Luebke, D-Durham.

“No time is better than the present,” Moore replied.

In other words, “We’re gonna’ do this because we can. Anyone who doesn’t like it can lump it.”

Disingenuous as these statements were, let’s hope that at least one thing Tillis said was true — namely, that this morning’s events prove to be a “learning experience.” Indeed, let’s hope that millions of caring and thinking North Carolinains learned (or, at least will learn) once and for all that the people running the state General Assembly will stop at nothing in their efforts to  impose their extreme, far right agenda.