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Events planned for anniversary of corporate personhood decision (Video)

From our friends at Democracy-NC [1]:

Saturday, January 21st is the second anniversary of the US Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United ruling that said corporations are people and money is speech.

Thankfully, real people are using real speech to fight back. We need to hear your voice, too – and your help to tell others!

For background, here’s a brief video [6] with the animated story of Citizens United.

Reversing this dreadful decision won’t be easy. But millions of people across the political spectrum are uniting around a plan to amend the U.S. Constitution [7] to make it clear: Corporations are not people and political spending must be regulated; it is not “free speech.”

The Town Councils of Chapel Hill and Carrboro have joined dozens of cities nationally that have passed resolutions calling for Congress to put forward a Constitutional amendment. We can help you connect to others in your area to initiate a similar resolution.

On this infamous anniversary, let’s remember that the fate of democracy depends on the actions of “we the people.”

Sign our petition [8] and share it with others. Then, email us at info@democracy-nc.org [9] if you’d like to be involved with efforts in your city to adopt a resolution against Citizens United.