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Reaction to Gov. Perdue’s decision not to seek re-election in 2012

[1]Governor Perdue’s statement [2] that she will not seek a second term in office is the talk of North Carolina political circles today. Here’s some of the reaction to the news that took many people by surprise Thursday morning:

“Governor Perdue has had a long and dedicated career in public service in North Carolina. All too often, the sacrifices of public officials go unnoted, so I acknowledge her hard work and her years of service to the state. Whether we agree with her politics or not, we all should respect her for her commitment to North Carolina over these many years.

Republicans in the General Assembly have disagreed deeply with the Governor over many issues, but I am hopeful we can find opportunities in her remaining time in office to work on legislative matters that will become a part of her legacy, and do so for the good of all North Carolinians. I wish Governor Perdue and her family the very best.”                                                — House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg)

“I am especially heartened to hear she will devote her remaining time in office fighting to ensure that the children of North Carolina receive the affordable, quality education mandated by our state constitution.

“The Governor’s office plays an important role in resisting those in Raleigh who wish to abandon North Carolina’s well-earned reputation as a state with its eyes firmly and pragmatically on the future.  Whether the issue is access to the ballot box; a commonsense jobs-creating business climate; robust support for our military and veterans and their families; or the guarantee of a first-rate education, the Governor’s office often provides a critical moderating counterweight to the backward-looking forces of extremism elsewhere in state government.   North Carolinians will surely keep this in mind as they choose the next governor in November.”                                         — U.S. Senator Kay R. Hagan (D-Guilford County)

“Gov. Beverly Perdue is a stalwart friend of justice.  With her strong voice and her steady veto-pen, she has stood on the side of justice against the frontal assault against minorities’ rights by the ultra conservatives in the General Assembly.  She has taken seriously her oath to uphold the Constitution, which requires those in government to govern for the good of the whole, to protect and strengthen public education, to create economic vitality, to protect civil rights, to ensure equal protection and racial justice under the law.

Gov. Perdue has remained true to her love of all our children and their fullest development.  When she had to choose between what was good for North Carolina children and all of its citizens, and what was good for her own career, she took the road of principle.  This is how history will record of the legacy of the first of many women governors we will have.  The civil rights community prays she will remain strong in the remaining days in office, and that she will continue to fight for the good of the whole . . .for the good of all North Carolinians.”                                  —  Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President, NC NAACP

“My message has been and will continue to be that we must fix our broken government and broken economy and put our North Carolina resources back to work. That’s why I plan to announce my intentions next week to seek the honor of serving as North Carolina’s next Governor.”                                      — Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory

“She’s done a lot of good work, especially for education in this state. I think we should be grateful to her for all that she’s done. I certainly am. She helped me get Smart Start underway. She’s helped us fund education in every level. She’s really stood up for it. I’m proud of the work she’s done, and she’s made this decision. Now we move on, and we’ll still have a good race for governor.”                                     — Former Gov. Jim Hunt in an interview with WWAY [3]