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Planned Parenthood victory provides a lesson

Planned Parenthood’s heartening victory [1] this week in overcoming the boneheaded decision of the Susan G. Komen Foundation (which, as an aside, sure seems to have left extremists like Renee Ellmers [2] hung out to dry) should provide an important lesson for progressives here in North Carolina. It is this:

Most Americans are not with the radical, conservative  extremists; that group’s current power and influence is hugely disproportionate to its actual support in the public. In North Carolina’s capital county, this reality was evidenced last fall in the school board elections. Pollster Tom Jensen also made this fact clear in his presentation at yesterday’s Crucial Conversation luncheon [3] as well.

Another classic example can be seen in the North Carolina General Assembly, where the public’s unfocused “no on all incumbents” vote in 2010 allowed a group of far right ideologues to seize control and attempt to take the state down a road most voters don’t support. As Chris Fitzsimon noted at yesterday’s luncheon, voters didn’t like the way things were going in the state, but they sure as heck didn’t vote to defund and privatize public education or to do any of the other extreme items on the far right agenda that the legislature spent its time on in 2011.

In other words: Perk up people. The public isn’t for these crazy right-wing policies. Remember this as you approach the 2012 political year.