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Talking sense about the contraceptives debate

Posted By Rob Schofield On February 9, 2012 @ 1:28 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

As is so often the case. Linda Greenhouse of the NYT explains and makes sense [1]of the newly manufactured (and obviosuly politically-motivated) debate over contraceptive coverage.

“Permitting Catholic hospitals to withhold contraception coverage from their 765,000 employees would blow a gaping hole in the regulation. The 629-hospital Catholic health care system [2] is a major and respected health care provider, serving one in every six hospital patients and employing nearly 14 percent of all hospital staff in the country. Of the top 10 revenue-producing hospital systems in 2010, four were Catholic. The San Francisco-based Catholic Healthcare West, the fifth biggest hospital system in the country, had $11 billion in revenue last year and treated 6.2 million patients.

These institutions, as well as Catholic universities – not seminaries, but colleges and universities whose doors are open to all – are full participants in the public square, receiving a steady stream of federal dollars. They assert – indeed, have earned – the right to the same benefits that flow to their secular peers. What they now claim is a right to special treatment: to conscience that trumps law.”

You can read her entire informative piece by clicking here [1].

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