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Burr proposes “you’re on your own” Medicare coverage

[1]He’s at it again.  A few years ago [2], Senator Richard Burr was proposing so-called health insurance “reform” plans that had absolutely no chance of going anywhere.  They were just transparent political ploys to gain positive press and make it look like the Senator was actually doing something.

Today Burr proposed [3] his latest package.  Rather than getting serious about trying to contain costs in our Medicare program, Burr’s latest bill gives seniors a “set amount of money” and then lets them go out and make their best deal on a private health plan.  Of course, they might be able to buy a government plan too, but no guarantees that it – or any plan – will cover all the benefits seniors need.

It’s classic “you’re on your own” health coverage, except this one’s aimed at our parents and grandparents.  It won’t go anywhere, isn’t a serious proposal, and is an insult to all the people who worked so hard to contribute to Medicare and are still doing so.  I wish Burr would get involved with the great projects and programs in our state that are testing ways to save money and improve the quality of care in Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance – in case you didn’t know, we are a national leader in this area.  But I guess scoring political points is more important.