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The conspiracy kooks and school lunches

[1]The one world government/black helicopter crowd is truly getting out of control. One day they’re claiming that anti-urban sprawl efforts are part of a grand conspiracy by the U.N. to take over the American government [2] and the next they’re implying that the well-meaning but apparently silly actions of a pre-school helper is indicative of some sort of monstrous commie plot to put America’s children into little Mao suits [3].

Good grief people! Get a life. One anonymous parent apparently complains that, upon inspection, her pre-school child’s lunch is found by an overzealous worker to be deficient and you guys start screaming like Joe McCarthy on crystal meth.

What is it about the far right and school lunches? In years’ past, a Locke Foundation employee has ranted repeatedly that semi-poor kids were somehow gaming the system to acquire the gourmet fare in Charlotte-Meck schools. Now, the Pope Empire appears to be devoting an entire organizational division to this silly little story out of one of North Carolina’s poorest counties.

Earth to the Locke/Civitas/Pope people: Put down the weapons. Calm down. No one is coming for your children. In case you hadn’t noticed, a lot of little four-year-olds — especially in very poor places like Hoke County — do not receive the best nutrition. It is not unreasonable for pre-school helpers to supervise what they eat at lunch.

Any of you been in a pre-school lately? It’s a little chaotic — especially with the funding cuts that your buddies in government have been inflicting.  Workers do not all have advanced degrees in public health (though if they did, you’d probably say that was a commie plot too). 

Some workers have been schooled (obviously, with varying level of success) to help guide kids toward healthy foods — something that makes eminent sense in a society full of sedentary and obese children inundated with sugary images by greedy corporations on a daily basis.

Now, does it appear — given the story reported out of Hoke by the anonymous parent — that one pre-school helper may have gone too far in this worthy effort? Sure. But this does not mean that the sky is falling or that one world government is around the corner. 

So, thanks for the heads up. Now, take a deep breath and calm down. I’m sure you have plenty of other government programs that you can undermine with funding cuts and then use as as examples of poor performance to justify more cuts. 

Hey, speaking of grand conspiracies…