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Tillis ventures out on the fringe again

If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check out today’s edition of the Fitzsimon File [1]. In it, Chris looks at the good, bad and ugly aspects of some of House Speaker Thom Tillis’ recent tax talk. 

He notes that Tillis is actually right about broadening the base of the sales tax, but, he also notes, Tillis is way out in right-wing fringe land when it comes to the income tax.

This is from a story in the Davidson County [2]Dispatch [2] from last week that helped prompt Chris’s column:

“On tax reform, Tillis said he hopes to see the General Assembly substantially reduce or even eliminate corporate and personal income taxes as a way to promote business growth in the state.”

This is not “reform.” Doing away with the corporate and personal income taxes is a surefire way to both permanently cripple the state’s essential public systems and structures and transfer even more of the responsibility for funding government away from the people who already bear the lowest burden — the top 1%. It would be, in short, an unmitigated disaster for our state that needs to be resisted at all costs.