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Time for Civitas/AFP to take down their dishonest ad

As Chris Fitzsimon demonstrates again in this morning’s “Monday Numbers [1],” the latest big money ad campaign [2] from the Pope/Koch empire is blatantly and demonstrably dishonest.

It’s also a remarkable display of cowardice. Here’s why: 

It’s one thing to have a difference of opinion and belief over public education (as in the Pope/Koch people don’t believe in it and progressives think it’s the key to a free, middle class society). Though I disagree with the right wing on this issue, I respect  their right to be against public education and to promote their alternative vision. Let’s have that debate.

But it’s quite another to work to undermine public education and then dishonestly claim that you helped it (and intended to do so!).  That’s what’s so disingenuous and galling about the latest ad buy by the AFP/Civitas people. They don’t have the guts to own up to what they’re really about and what they’ve really done because they know the public disagrees with them. So they’re spending a half-million dollars of corporate money to cover their tracks and mask the real impact of what they’ve inflicted on our state.   

It’s a testament to the ends-justify-the-means values these people embrace that they don’t feel shamed to take the ad down and issue an apology.