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Tillis: If Amendment One passes, it will be repealed

[1]Six weeks before voters go to the polls, supporters of Amendment One know this may be their last best chance to define marriage in North Carolina’s constitution.

At an appearance on N.C. State University’s campus Monday evening, House Speaker Thom Tillis acknowledged the next generation was largely opposed to the anti-gay marriage measure Republicans fought to put on the ballot this May.

Here’s more from NCSU’s student newspaper, The Technician [2]:

“It’s a generational issue,” Tillis said. “The data shows right now that you are a generation away from that issue.”

According to Tillis, researchers have predicted Amendment One will pass with approximately 54 percent, but Tillis, who voted to pass the amendment, believes it won’t remain long.

“If it passes, I think it will be repealed within 20 years,” Tillis said.