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How NC’s delegation voted on the Ryan budget plan

The U.S. House approved [1] Rep.Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) budget plan largely along party lines (228-191) Thursday. The $3.5 trillion plan would block tax increases for the wealthiest Americans while making deep cuts to food stamps, Pell grants  and transportation programs. The proposal would also reshape Medicare to reduce deficits. [2]

Rep. Walter Jones [3] (R-NC) was among a group of ten Republicans to reject Ryan’s budget blueprint. The Pitt County Republican also bucked his party last year in voting against the Ryan plan, which is not expected to advance in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Here’s how the rest of NC’s delegation voted [4]:

Rep. Renee Ellmers – 2nd District
Rep. Virginia Foxx – 5th District
Rep. Howard Coble – 6th District
Rep. Sue Myrick – 9th District
Rep. Patrick McHenry – 10th District

Rep. G.K. Butterfield – 1st District
Rep. Walter Jones – 3rd District
Rep. Mike McIntyre – 7th District
Rep. David Price – 4th District
Rep. Larry Kissell – 8th District
Rep. Heath Shuler – 11th District
Rep. Brad Miller – 13th District

Not Voting
Rep. Mel Watt – 12th District